Bryce Herbst

I am a graphic & web designer from Northern Kentucky, specializing
in graphic design, illustration, photography, user interface design and development.
Web Design
Traditional + Digital
Creative + Portraits
Graphic Design
Print + Digital
I began my journey of creating with crayons and glue, sharing my skills in my school and community. I painted and created play production backdrops, posters and t-shirt designs for high school clubs, and painted gas station murals. After my four years of art class in high school, I decided to pack my bags to Dayton Ohio where I would graduate the School of Adverting Art with an associates degree in the Applied Business of Adverting Art in 2018.
My mission is to change people's behavior, thoughts, and ideas by creating art, websites, designs, and experiences, that people enjoy.
I get inspiration from nature, music, conversations. I find experiencing life, and the things I am trying to communicate is the best way to visually communicate feelings through design and photography.

About me

I spend a lot of my time taking photos in the busy city, designing late at night, or cruising down windy roads in Kentucky. But, when I'm not doing that I enjoy hiking deep into the woods and continuing what got me started in this field, in the first place, drawing, concepting and putting my thoughts onto paper.

I'm an avid conspiracy theorist - especially when it comes to space and discussing its never ending depths. I love learning the history of our society, and predicting where it will go. I am always pondering the reason someone asked "why."

Need a Project?

Let's collaborate on a project together. I'll show you how my skills and knowledge can be useful and we will make something unforgetable, or send me your best theory.

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